Let Us Sell Your Stuff

We sell your stuff in our retail store. When somebody buys it, we split the sale price with you 50/50. (For cars & trucks we take only a 7% fee). Why is this a better way to sell your no longer needed items?

Get Rid Of Clutter

Get your unwanted items out of your hair now, get paid for them later

Stranger Danger

Don’t risk strangers coming to your house (even if they would show up).

Keep Your Sanity

No phone calls at weird hours. No flood of emails. No answering repetitive questions.

Why Consignments Etc?

Free Pickup Large Furniture

We offer free pick up with flexible scheduling for many large furniture items.

You Keep 50%

50% of the final sale price goes to you. Many shops only give you 40%. (For cars & trucks you get 93%!)

Our Building

This freshly renovated 5,000 square foot building features unique labyrinthine architecture to pique curiosity and truly draw visitors in.

No Appointment Necessary

Bring in smaller items any time from 10AM – 6PM Monday through Saturday.

120 Day Terms

The industry standard is only 90 days. If the item does not sell after 120 days, we’ll be happy to give it back or donate it for you, and you incur no charge.

Our Location

On bustling Baltimore Ave in the heart of Clifton Heights, this amazing location sees over 30,000 vehicles drive by each day.

Our Website & Marketing

Your item will be featured on our full retail website (coming soon) which will be marketed on Google and elsewhere to almost 400K local homes.

Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards and can arrange item delivery, greatly increasing our potential customer base.

Our Experience

Consignments Etc is owned and operated by the business and marketing professionals behind the wildly successful Tires Etc.