Consign Your Stuff With Us

Housewares • Toys • Appliances • Whatever!


How It Works:

Simply put, we sell your stuff for you in our retail store. You provide the inventory while we provide the retail space, the marketing, the customer service, and most importantly…the customers.

When the item sells, you get 50% of the sale price. It’s as simple as that! Note: Many shops only give a commission of 40%

How To Consign:

  • Bring Us Your StuffClean out your attic, your basement, your storage unit, and bring us anything you’d like to sell (please see the “What We’re Looking For” section to help you decide what to bring). Items can be brought in from 10AM – 6PM Monday through Saturday.*
  • Discuss The SpecificsWe’ll go through your items and determine what we think will sell and how much it can sell for. The more information you can provide us about the item, the better. We’ll discuss everything with you and come to an agreement on the initial selling price of each item.
  • Put It On DisplayWhen everything is agreed upon, we will display the items for sale in our showroom, as well as on our full retail website (coming soon). Certain items may also be showcased in window or other special displays, as well as in social media profiles.
  • Get PaidNow just sit back, relax, and wait for your items to sell! When they do, we’ll cut you a check for your 50% commission within a few weeks.

* Furniture items must have prior approval before being transported to Consignments Etc. “Furniture” includes anything that can not be comfortably carried through the door by one average person. Examples include large exercise/sporting equipment, large appliances, large sculptures, etc. Visit the Furniture page for more info. Consignments Etc reserves the right to refuse any item that does not meet our criteria.

What We’re Looking For:

Anything cool, hip, vintage, or just plain useful. We’re looking for purses, toys, baby stuff, lamps, kitchenware, wall art, sculptures, electronics (less than three years old or super vintage cool), sporting equipment, appliances, records, ships-in-bottles, and pretty much anything else short of a space shuttle. (Actually, if you have a space shuttle we still definitely want to talk to you). If it works, and if somebody might be willing to pay more than a couple bucks for it, we’re interested.

What We’re Not Looking For:

  • Items with wear and tearA small amount of wear and tear on certain unique vintage items may be acceptable, and may even up the cool factor. For modern items; the closer to new condition, the better.
  • Items with stains or odors
  • Generic brandsApplies to items for which brand matters to consumers. For instance, the brand of a vintage lamp might not matter, but the brand of a vintage purse almost definitely will.
  • Old ElectronicsVHS tapes, early 2000’s digital cameras, older/low end DVD players, computers before Windows 7 or Mac OS X Lion, TVs & monitors that aren’t HD widescreen, etc. If it’s electronic and it was made before 2012, it probably won’t sell. Exceptions include records and record players, Polaroid cameras, typewriters, certain 35mm cameras, and anything that’s retro cool.

Additional Information:

Consignment Contract For preview purposes only. Final contract may vary.