Consign Your Furniture With Us

How It Works:

Simply put, we sell your furniture for you in our retail store. You provide the inventory while we provide the retail space, the marketing, the customer service, and most importantly…the customers.

When the item sells, you get 50% of the sale price. It’s as simple as that! Note: Many shops only give a commission of 40%

How To Consign:

  • Show Us What You’ve GotEmail pictures of the furniture you’d like to sell to Pictures should be bright, clear, and depict the item from all angles. Please include a clear picture of any labels or tags if applicable. If you have any additional information you’d like to share about your furniture, please feel free!
  • Discuss The SpecificsIf your item meets our criteria we will discuss sale price with you and answer any questions you might have about terms. (Terms can be found in the Furniture Consignment Contract below). We will reach out to you by phone, so please include your name and phone number in your email.
  • Put It On DisplayWhen everything is agreed upon, we will display the item for sale in our showroom, as well as on our full retail website (coming soon). Many larger items will qualify for Free Pick Up during our Grand Opening Days. Smaller items can be brought in any time from 10AM – 6PM Monday through Saturday.*
  • Get PaidNow just sit back, relax, and wait for your items to sell! When they do, we’ll cut you a check for your 50% commission within a few weeks.

* Any item that can not be comfortably carried through the door by one average person must have prior approval before being transported to Consignments Etc. Consignments Etc reserves the right to refuse any item that does not meet our criteria.

What We’re Looking For:

Items with consumer appeal and resale value. This could mean newer and more high end, classic and sturdy, vintage and unique, or some other combination of traits that make it special or desirable. There’s no carved-in-stone formula. If it will grab the interest of a discerning shopper walking by, then we’re interested.

What We’re Not Looking For:

  • Items with significant wear and tear(Possible exceptions for highly unique vintage items)
  • Items with stains or odors
  • Items from big box stores that were self-assembled with an allen key
  • Items made of particle board or featuring faux-wood laminate
  • Mattresses or box springs

Additional Information:

Furniture Consignment Contract For preview purposes only. Final contract may vary.